Missional Causal Networks

Expanding collaboration among missional partners worldwide

This Office assists in the development of collaborative, missional networks based on the 17 causes and partner initiative locations. We nurture a collaborative environment in which MU administrators, faculty, and students can engage with missional partners through online networking events.

We foster relational networking to enhance the personal and professional development of our partners, staff, and students. We also foster the development of strategic alliances in order to:

  • Foster personal, spiritual & community transformation
  • Support natural, built, and social resilience
  • Develop personal, social & community equitability
  • Create situational approaches for joining God's mission

Missional Causal Networks

Fostering Relational Networks

Enhancing personal development
Extending professional relationships

Fostering Strategic Alliances

Encouraging issue clarification
Supporting strategic initiative development
Developing strategic alliances
Leveraging strategic initiatives

Networks for Specific Locations


Networks for the 17 Causes

Transformational Causes
Resiliency Causes
Equitability Causes
Contextuality Causes