Promise Une Igodo

Assessment Design Manager
SMP Educational Technologist 1
Online Instructional Designer
International experience:
  • Belgium
  • Ethiopia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Spain


International Studies of Global Mgmt, Hochschule Bremen Uni of Applied Sc, Bremen, DE
Bachelor of Science, Information Systems & Tech, United States Int'l University Africa, Kenya


As an ambitious informatics and human capacity development practitioner, Promise Igodo has experience spanning various industries from creative design and manufacturing to education, oil and gas, engineering, energy, and consulting, always with the ultimate aim to bring professional networks and technical expertise together. With skills in instructional and learning design and implementation, he has gained proficiency in e-training/learning design using several of the leading global tools. His experiences as a learning and development consultant enabled him to publish e-learning modules for in-housing training content together with evaluation and impact assessment. He has successfully redesigned and published weeks of traditional classroom-based training to engaging micro-e-learning courses, complemented by learning objectives-based summative and formative assessments. Working with subject matter experts, he has developed, designed, and built highly interactive and engaging electronic courses for fully featured online and instructor-led courses using a standard LMS that met all regulatory and compliance needs. Promise Igodo and his family live in Nigeria.