Dr. Billy Moffett, Jr

Criminal Justice & Public Safety Chair
Professor of Homeland Security
Public Safety & Security Specialist
International experience:
  • United States


Doctor of Philosophy, Public Policy, (Terrorism, Peacekeeping), Walden University, Minn., MN
Master of Philosophy, Public Policy, (Justice Policy), Walden University, Minneapolis, MN
Master of Public Administration, Personnel Management, Troy University, Troy, AL
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL



Dr. Billy Moffett possesses a rich educational and professional background that has well-prepared him for his role as the Department of Criminal Justice & Public Safety Chairperson, Professor of Homeland Security, and Public Safety & Security Specialist. He holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with a focus on Terrorism, Peacekeeping, and Mediation, which is supported by a Master of Philosophy in Public Policy and Administration. He further enhanced his qualifications with a Master of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement.

Dr. Moffett's professional experience is extensive and diverse. He served as a Federal Air Marshal with the Department of Homeland Security, where he worked as a Task Force Officer on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. His duties included leading investigations related to federal offenses in the aviation environment, serving as an FBI airport liaison agent, and conducting counterterrorism measures on American-flagged aircraft. He also had a role as a Federal Probation Officer in the U.S. District Court, in a major city where he supervised offenders, enforced sentencing conditions, and conducted investigations.

In his law enforcement career, Dr. Moffett held various positions, including being a Detective and Police Officer in a major city Police Department. He gained experience in patrol, training new recruits, investigating robberies, homicides, and officer-involved shootings. Additionally, he served as a police recruiter and worked on various specialized units such as the Hostage Negotiation Team and Internal Affairs Unit. He also worked as a Probation Officer at a County Community Corrections Center, where he supervised offenders and provided resources. In his career, he led and assisted investigations involving federal offenses that occur in the aviation environment including thefts, assaults, sexual assaults, identity theft, credit card fraud, bomb threats, stowaways, and aircraft piracy.

Dr. Moffett's diverse skill set includes conducting patrol procedures, criminal investigations, responding to emergency situations, mentoring and peer support, academic research, effective communication, and evidence-based practices in corrections and law enforcement. He is also proficient in using various software tools and research organizational tools. His academic and practical background has enabled him to chair panel discussions and present research findings on topics like implicit racial bias and police use of force.

His accomplishments include receiving the Department of Homeland Security Secretary's Award for Excellence and graduating from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the Department of Homeland Security Federal Law Enforcement Academy. His achievements also include completing the Initial Firearms Instructor Certification Program and obtaining a Commander's Citation for his role in the detection and apprehension of burglary suspects.

Overall, Dr. Moffett's extensive education, diverse professional experience, strong skill set, and notable accomplishments make him well-suited for his roles in academia and as a specialist in public safety and security. His combination of academic knowledge and practical experience provides valuable insights for students and professionals in the field.