Dr. Gary Fujino

Diaspora Studies Chair
Professor of Diaspora Studies
Asian Diaspora Specialist
International experience:
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Peru
  • United States


Doctor of Philosophy, Intercultural Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL
Master of Theology, World Missions, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX
Graduate Certificate, Biblical Studies, Multnomah School of the Bible, Portland, OR
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT


Dr. Gary Fujino's extensive educational background, professional experience, and leadership skills have uniquely prepared him for his role as the Department of Diaspora Studies Chair, Professor of Diaspora Studies, and Asian Diaspora Specialist. With a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Master of Theology in World Missions from Dallas Theological Seminary, he brings a solid academic foundation to the field of diaspora studies. His hands-on experience includes over 17 years of living and working in Japan, along with extensive travel throughout Southeast Asia, Brazil, Peru, and the United States, making him well-versed in immigration, migration, and diaspora populations.

Dr. Fujino's leadership skills are evident through his ability to lead and train others in effective relationship building, conflict resolution, and community development in cross-cultural and multi-ethnic settings. He has a proven track record of training and mobilizing teams that established local Japanese communities of faith, both within Japan and abroad, and developed international networks for community building. He has also supervised and mentored numerous missionaries, further demonstrating his leadership capabilities.

In terms of professional achievements, Dr. Fujino has served as an Associate Cluster Strategy Leader for the Japanese Diaspora, working on initiatives to reach Japanese populations both inside Japan and globally. He successfully pioneered mission fields in Brazil and Peru and connected expatriate and indigenous contacts, leading to the establishment of new communities of faith in these countries. His ethnographic research experience, training programs for missionaries, and dean role in a continuing education program showcase his dedication to practical and effective ministry approaches.

Dr. Fujino's honors and awards, including co-editing an Evangelical Missiological Society Monograph, highlight his contributions to the field. He is also fluent in Japanese and has made major presentations at conferences related to diaspora studies and evangelism. His involvement in various associations, including the Japan Lausanne Committee and the Global Diaspora Network, reflects his commitment to the global diaspora community. In summary, Dr. Fujino's education, professional experience, leadership skills, and international exposure make him a highly qualified expert in diaspora studies and a valuable asset to his department and field of specialization.

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