Department of Cultural Navigation

Experiencing Cultural Difference

One distinctive feature of Missional University is that we are a community of gifted individuals from over 35 countries across the globe. This is a testimony to God’s heart for the nations and his ability to call and equip people from across varied cultures towards service in the mission of God.

Why Cultural Navigation?

The Department of Cultural Navigation works in partnership with members of The Missional College (TMC) to equip missional leaders who are capable of effectively navigating diverse cultures so they are able to serve God well in those environments.

To assist TMC in fulfilling its thrust to provide training for those who desire to learn how to serve among diverse ethnic and cultural groups in their communities in culturally-appropriate ways, the Cultural Navigation Department provides opportunities for practical hands-on learning experiences and other experiential learning approaches that enable students to put into practice principles they have learned in their online classrooms. Some of the experiential learning types that are employed are observation practice, participant observation, action learning, action research, and missional clerkships.

Depending upon program requirements, each TMC student is required to successfully complete one or more of the following experiential learning courses: observership, practicum, field instruction, internship, mentorship, capstone, portfolio, project, research and thesis courses.

Course Subject Areas