Department of Creation Care

Experiencing Environmental Mission

God entrusted to man the stewardship of his creation. A steward is a caretaker. In principle, human beings are called to take care of everything God created. It is the heart of this department that God’s commission in this regard is valued and carried out in the way it operates.

Why Creation Care?

The Department of Creation Care works closely with the School of Ecological Mission (SEM) in developing experiential learning courses that enable students to apply their instruction courses in environmental studies, ecology & biodiversity, global health and population studies, epidemiology and infectious disease and geospatial studies.

Through joint efforts with SEM, dean and faculty, the department provides course offerings that utilize different experiential learning types such as observation practice, participation observation, action learning, action research and missional clerkships or internships as a means to adequately equip SEM students in practicing their profession and by so doing, fulfill God's instruction to care for his creation.

Depending upon program requirements, each SEM student is required to successfully complete one or more of the following experiential learning courses: observership, practicum, field instruction, internship, mentorship, capstone, portfolio, project, research and thesis courses.

Course Subject Areas