Department of Digital Information Technologies

Christian Witness through Technologies

The digital revolution presents missional leaders robust possibilities of touching individuals and unengaged and underserved people groups with the good news of Jesus Christ. The ease of access and the availability of powerful digital technology can be used to produce compelling sounds and images that cross physical and cultural boundaries. The technology also presents grave dangers in the interconnected world. The Department of Digital Information Technologies considers both sides of the equation. How does one live safely and effectively in the digital age and how can it be used for advancing the mission of God in the world? 

Why Digital Information Technologies?

The stunning financial successes of global digital companies illustrates the power of digital media. Do missional Christians have a place in the digital world? For bold and creative missional thinkers and practitioners, the digital world can provide a place to accelerate the spread of the gospel while protecting Christian faith-based organizations. The Department of Digital Media Technologies gives the understanding and skills necessary to function efficiently in digital media.  

Causes Supported

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