Department of Communication & Media Studies

Christian Witness through Media

Whether studying news reporting, investigative journalism, interpersonal communication, audience research, or radio and television, the Department of Communication and Media Studies offers a unique and missional perspective. Students can approach these and related areas to acquire necessary communication skills whether they work within the Christian media sector or have a vision for employment in the secular media.  

Why Communication & Media Studies?

Missional pioneer William Carey demonstrated his high regard for communications and media by setting up the Serampore printing press on January 10, 1800. Not only did his team produce over two million pieces of literature, they used it to produce the first Bengali newspaper Samachar Durpun (the Mirror of News). Media options have gone far beyond his printing press and give unprecedented opportunities to advance the mission of God in the world. This department gives students the essential skills and special spark to use media for the advance of the gospel worldwide.

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