CJS1100EN - Intro to American Criminal Justice

Course description

An overview of the American criminal justice system covering the traditional topics of police, courts, and corrections, due process, search and seizure, coverage of plea bargaining, legal and ethical values, and capital punishment. The focus is on critical thinking approaches.

How this course benefits students

The goal is to embrace the true meaning of Christian citizenship and civic responsibility

Why this course is important

Reflection, critical analysis and synthesis

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Criminal Justice
Educational level
Social Science Distribution
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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Dr. Melinda Whitman, Esq., Senior Professor of Criminal Justice
Pre-university academies

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

students will have the opportunity to master the skillset for thriving in this sector as a leader for Christ. Learning to apply what is taught in the classroom to real life issues will allow the student to help others in the criminal justice field with an unbiased mind and thought process.

Missionally driven

The ideas of justice and righteousness are deeply connected in the Bible. Both are richly applied to many things, from fair weights and measures, to just legal proceedings, to good personal conduct, to honesty and truthfulness, to an individual’s right or just claim, to employers’ economically just behaviors, to judges’ fair decisions, to the governmental responsibilities .

Contextually informed

In correlation with the School's mission and vision, professors will lead and equip students for the purpose of preparing leaders to join God's mission of spiritually transforming people and communities.

Interculturally focused

Criminal justice and public safety fundamentals are a requirment in the criminal justice field and knowing how to apply them to real life issues.

Practically minded

All cultures are affected regarding criminal law and the criminal justice system and the knowledge of same will help do God's work.

Experientially transformed

The practical aspect of this course helps students to engage in the works of mission in the criminal justice system because of the character and activities of God and His mission.