Executive Leadership Team


Innovating Christian higher education by creating an extraordinary Missional experience. With their rich expertise drawn from a range of disciplines and global experiences, Missional’s executive leadership team is wholeheartedly committed to advancing the University and fulfilling its mission to provide world-class missionally-focused education worldwide.

The Executive Leadership Team is a group of senior leaders who offer strategic and tactical guidance in the affairs of the university. The team meets regularly to ensure that our divisions, groups, units, schools, departments, and teams perform efficiently and to facilitate cross-functional connections. The team collaborates by analyzing, debating, and deciding on critical issues that fundamentally affect the university. The ELT meetings ensure that all members of ELT are informed on pertinent issues. Together they set strategic direction and communicate with university constituencies and stakeholders.


ELT Meeting

Meeting frequency
Meeting days
Meeting time
18:00 UTC (2 p.m. US/Eastern)
Meeting duration
an hour
Meeting location
ELT Conference Room