Student Services

Academic Life

Center for Academic Success

The Office of Student Services empowers students to reach their academic goals with uniquely designed services and programs in the Center for Academic Success.  The center provides resources, tips, seminars, and programs that enable students to meet their learning needs while at Missional University.

  • Online  Learning Skills - Get the support you need to be successful in online courses. 
  • Writing Success - Even if you have written academic papers previously, our writing process can help.
  • Studying Success - Strengthen your academic performance by learning online studying strategies.
  • Workshop Series - Achieve academic success through our online workshops.

Academic Advisement

Academic advising ensures that students are on the right academic path, meeting all their degree requirements, and getting the support they may need.

Academic advising starts even before students enter the course. The enrollment team assesses student needs and guides potential students in program selection based on their individual goals. Enrollment works closely with academic advising and is in contact with advisors until after classes start.

Each student is paired with an academic advisor who provides personalized guidance throughout the student's academic pursuit. Students have different needs, so advisor are there as much or as little as the individual student needs.

Student Technology Services

Student Computing Services (SCS) is a branch of Information Technology Services (ITS) that provides students with technology assistance to enhance their academic experiences. SCS maintains the online resources, assists students with MU accounts, and academic projects. SCS supports university-wide technology operations and provides technical assistance to troubleshoot technical issues.

SCS provides technology guidance for new students and their families. Students learn how to access university GSsuite resources, attend events at the online Academic Center, Administration Center, Student Center, Conference Center and Spiritual Life Center; access online computer labs, printing protocals, safe computing standards, and how to get help with technology, and more.

Students may submit a request ticket at the online University Help Desk.

The following list represents many of the technology resources available for Missional University students and their parents/families.

  • MU Alert 
  • Academic Center online
  • Computer Labs online
  • Email account     
  • GSuite applications 
  • Help Desk online
  • Missiod Student Portal
  • Missionizer GPS
  • Social Media Directory
  • Software
  • Training/Tutorials 
  • Website Training for Student Employees

Online Library Resources

We have partnered with Questia to provide an online library of books and articles from academic journals, magazines, and newspapers for our students and faculty. The faculty incorporate materials from the online library in their course development. Students will use the library as they do research for their classes.
Below is a list of features from the Questia Online Library resource.

  • Huge Library of Books and Articles – More than 85,000 books and 10 million articles from academic journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Credible Sources – Tons of credible sources you don’t have to be afraid of citing for your research papers. Many of our articles even come from peer-reviewed publications.
  • Research Topics – Browse through more than 7,000 in-depth research topics for links to librarian-selected books and articles relevant to that topic – great starting points for your research.
  • Powerful Search – Use our search engine to find the perfect sources for your next paper. Instantly search by keyword, author, title, or subject.
  • Advanced Filters – Filter your search results to find the most applicable books and articles.
  • Search Questia From Anywhere – Questia is enabled with OpenSearch so you can start a search of Questia from anywhere, without going to the site first.
  • Available using Firefox and Google Chrome.


Student Life

Gateway to the MU Experience

Online Student Orientation is required for all students. The Office of Student Services offers a free online orientation course designed to assist with the transition to learning online at Missional University. The free, self-paced student orientation is truly a "Gateway to the MU Experience." The course is composed of eight topics structured similarly to some of our online courses that will help you to assimilate to learning online, learn about online student resources and support at the university as well as outline some of the basics for communicating in an online environment.

Online Student Organizations

Student organizations at Missional University meet at the online Student Center. Each organization has a dedicated office at the Student Center with video conference capabilities and collaborative tools that enable students to participate fully in online organizations.

Student Ministry Organizations

Several ministry teams from different campus ministries have been invited to participate in the student life at Missional University. These organizations have offices at the Student Center and provide online events for students.

Missional Partner Organizations

Several partner organizations (mission agencies, non-profits and NGOs, Christian businesses, churches and church groups) have been invited to participate in student life by providing online events for students at their office at the online Student Center.

Spiritual Life

Getting Spiritual Direction

The Office of the University Chaplain understands that the student's relationship with God is the most important relationship in their life. Therefore, spiritual direction services are offered to students to guide them into a deepening intimacy with God. In conversation with a spiritual director, students explore God's presence, voice, and activity in his/her life. Through prayer and conversation, students learn how to respond to God and take the necessary steps to further their relationship with him.

Gaining Spiritual Practices

Part of our call, as Christ followers, is to continue growing in the grace, knowledge and wisdom of Christ.  Students explore ways they can continue walking in these graces through the opportunities provided by the Office of the University Chaplain.

University Chapel

MU students are encouraged to participate in one of the monthly chapel services hosted in the video conference room of the Student Chapel. The chapel includes a devotional, life-sharing, prayer and updates of what is happening at MU. Periodic joint chapel services for all MU family (faculty, staff and students) are also scheduled

Student Opportunities

The Office of the University Chaplain forms groups of students around common interests, gifts, talents, desires like bible studies, missions, prayer, discipleship, book clubs, life on life, iron sharpening iron.