Bachelor of Communication with a major in Information Technology Management

Managing technology in the mission of God
Program type: Bachelor completion

Why Bachelor of Communication with a major in Information Technology Management?

As computer-mediated technology expands, so does the demand for information technology specialists with proficiency in the theories and fundamentals of computer networking, network security, knowledge management and customer relations. Students earning an Information Technology Management degree will apply God's word to their studies. They will analyze and identify the ways in which they can serve in missional capacities in the information technology workforce. Information technology management experts play key roles in businesses and organizations who seek secure networking environments. Missional University students are engaged in advanced technologies and educated on the latest trends in the information technology field that will equip them to successfully apply their knowlege in the workforce.

Gainful Employment Information

Sample employment positions

Help Desk Specialist, Help Desk Technician, IT Support Manager, IT Support Specialist, Support Specialist, Senior Support Specialist, IT Manager, IT Coordinator, Senior System Administrator, Systems Administrator, Technical Specialist, Technical Support Specialist, IT Project Manager, Network systems administrator, IT Systems Administrator, IT Director, IT Manager, Information Officer, Management Information Systems Director, Technical Operations Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer