President's Welcome

Welcome to Missional University!

We desire to enable Christian believers to see themselves as designed by God for mission and to foster an environment in which they can discern and prepare for that mission. As a brand new type of Christian higher education institution, Missional University brings a unique, global educational opportunity to equip the people of God to serve in the mission of God in the world.

What makes Missional unique is the opportunity to merge faith, career and mission – through a blend of theological study of the mission of God with real life vocational preparation to serve in faith-based organizations such as mission entities, non-profits & NGOs, churches and church groups and in community service around the world.

The uniqueness of Missional University may be seen in it’s cornerstone Biblical understanding — that all Christian believers have been sent by God to join in the mission of God in the world – in their neighborhood, community and to the ends of the earth. Thus, being missional is much broader than clergy roles in the institutional church — and God has sent all of us to participate!

You might say, Missional University is a 21st century online evangelical university designed to equip Christian believers to serve in a wide-range of vocations in an evangelical understanding of the mission of God. We prepare biblically-grounded, missional leaders who join the mission of God in diverse communities by incarnating the gospel with culturally-appropriate resilience skills, by seeking the transformation of people and communities, and by connecting all peoples to God in worship in their own heart language. Each of the schools/colleges at the university builds upon the biblical, missional, intercultural, contextual framework of our core values to create courses designed to equip Christian believers for missional service. We offer degrees in Intercultural Studies, World Religions, Missional Practice, Community Ministry, Communication, Ecological Mission, Global Healthcare Mission and Theological Studies.

We prepare students to become missional professionals serving in careers in the mission of God in the world in several types of career categories such as:

  • Careers in navigating cultural difference
  • Careers in living life as mission
  • Careers in personal and community transformation
  • Careers in environmentally sustainable creation care
  • Careers in contextual creative communication
  • Careers in joining the mission of God in the world

Missional is 100% online with a global, international faculty teaching from North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia & Oceania. Wherever you are on the planet, we encourage you to become missional by discovering your passion, purpose and mission and through being mentored by our faculty practitioners who can lead you into a life of missional service.

In His Service:

Dr. Curt Watke, PhD