Department of World Religions

Engaging Religious Difference

The Department of World Religions has programs that lead to a Certificate in Religion, an Associate of Religion degree, a Bachelor of Religion (completion) degree, and a Master's degree in Religion. We desire to see every graduate become equipped to join God’s mission to transform people and places from all tribes, tongues and religions through Jesus Christ, as well as to mobilize others to also engage in God’s mission.  God’s gracious invitation to the church is to join him in that mission of redemption -- the Department of World Religion will teach you how to understand religious peoples.  

Why World Religion Studies? 

Globally, religious diversity is on the rise. Travel, immigration, and the Internet allow adherents of different faiths to interact and exchange ideas like never before. With the click of a button, we can be in contact with individuals on the other side of the world who have radically different theologies and practices than our own. How can we understand the complex and deeply personal nature of other religious traditions and how can we effectively communicate the gospel to people whose religious beliefs are so foreign to our own?

The Department of World Religions seeks to provide students with the tools to engage those from non-Christian religious traditions. It does so by exposing students to the belief systems of traditional religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, and also new religious groups and sects that are less well known. Becoming conversant in the worldviews of others equips students to find points of contact for meaningful discussion and inroads to share the gospel in relevant ways.

Causes Supported


Concentrations consist of 4 or 5 courses (12 or 15 credit hours) that are offered by departments that are attached to majors in various schools and colleges with related programs. Tracks consist of 6 to 9 courses (18 to 27 credit hours) that are considered a part of the major to which they are attached.


  • Judaic Studies (Doctoral)