Department of Theological Mission

Experiencing the Mission of God

As Missional University trains for service in the mission of God, it is imperative that it equips its students to understand the scripture as bearing witness to the missional heart of God himself. By learning how to read the text missionally, students begin to see where, when, how and with whom God was at work in the past. These glimpses into the missional purposes of God from the pages of scripture enable students to more readily see where God is at work in their own times and places so that they can more readily join in with God in his purposes.

Why Theological Mission?

The Department of Theological Mission works in collaboration with the School of Theological Studies (STS) in developing experiential learning assignments and courses that enable students to apply their instruction courses in biblical studies, missional theology and history, moral and social theology, culture and contextual theology and environmental and resilience theology.

Through a collective effort with the STS dean and faculty, the department assists the STS in preparing students for service in the mission of God as applied theologians. Various learning modes such as observation practice, participant observation, action learning, action research and clerkship or internship are used to facilitate the holistic development of the student, thus best equipping him or her to effectively and boldly address contemporary issues in society through the missional application of theological concepts.

Depending upon program requirements, each STS student is required to successfully complete one or more of the following experiential learning courses: observership, practicum, field instruction, internship, mentorship, capstone, portfolio, project, research and thesis courses.

Course Subject Areas