YFM3310EN - Critical Issues in Youth and at Risk Youth

Course description

Students analyze existing present day issues of risk in the lives of youth and at risk youth from a God center perspective. They examine areas of practice using various frameworks for working with at-risk-youth from a reisk and resiliency perspective and develop interventions appropriate to the risk issue. Students demonstrate competence in real or simulated examples of risk situations using knowledge, skills, values and styles.

How this course benefits students

Analyzing existing present day issues of risk in the lives of youth and at risk youth from a God center perspective is challenging in itself. This course will provided the components necessary to foster understanding of risk, protective and resiliency factors in the lives of youth and at risk youth. This course will create a greater knowledge of needs and current risk issues in the lives of youth and at risk youth. The course will also afford Missional students the opportunity to examine contributions of risk research to design successful interventions and prevention plans and programs that can be created by future ministries and/or employment endeavors.

Why this course is important

This course is valuable because if there are no successful interventions and prevention plans and programs put in place by Christian social service professionals, young people will not have a chance to recover from the hardships and difficulties of life and in turn, damage their spirituality. Without some type of God centered organized plan of intervention, untrained ministers/ministries and social science professionals will do more harm than good when dealing with youth and at risk youth and their issues. This course can assist in putting an end to this by helping Missional student incorporate the appropriate principals and techniques needed through course instruction.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Youth & Family
Educational level
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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Dr. Angela Neal Brooks, Professor of Youth & Family Services

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course has biblical foundations that support the need for assisting/ helping youth and at risk youth to be resilient in the mist of issues and life challenges to overcome adversity.

Missionally driven

The course is missional because of the emphasis on outreach efforts to steer trouble youths in the right direction through various interventions and prevention plans and programs beyond the scope of the church setting.

Contextually informed

This course is contextual due to dealing with the issues and needs youth and at risk youth face within their environment.

Interculturally focused

The course is intercultural because it is designed to equip Missional student to be able to minister to and work with all types of young people from various cultural backgrounds.

Practically minded

This course has practical application within society.

Experientially transformed

This course is also experiential because of its ability to provide a knowledge base for Missional Students to comprehend the plight that at youth and risk youth face.