THM4410EN - Theology of Work and Vocation

Course description

A theological perspective on the meaning of work and the holistic integration of work, faith, and personal calling in a Christian’s life. The student will explore ways and means of ethical living and working as participation in the reconciling mission of Christ.

How this course benefits students

This course is an introduction to the meaning and theology of work and vocation from a Christian perspective. The undue stress on “success” is in a consumerist frenzy today and has led to a surge of complains about “burn out” among God’s people. This course helps students understand work and their personal vocation in life from a biblical and missional perspective and helps develop a theology of work and calling that honors God and helps Christians live and work ethically with an eternal perspective.

Why this course is important

The dehumanizing impact of capitalism and consumerism has led to a number of diseases, “burn out” cases, and imbalance in living and working. Today’s stressful life requires a Christian response not only theologically but also practically to show how to strike a balance between living a joyful life to the fullest while working and integrating our personal vocation as God intends it.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Missional Theology
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Dr. Vinod John, Senior Professor of Missional & Social Theology

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course will explore the biblical foundations of work and personal vocation particularly from the creation accounts as well as from New Testament perspective of the Kingdom of God.

Missionally driven

The contemporary human life is under tremendous pressure due to the commercialization of work in an unethical consumerist world. This context of missions today demands a refreshing look at the biblical meaning and significance of work and personal vocation and their roles from the point of view of God’s design for one’s work and how work could be a participation in the reconciling mission of Jesus Christ.

Contextually informed

Theology is always done in context. The context of mission today cannot escape the reality of consumerism and it adverse effects on life and family. How a Christian is to understand one’s work and vocation will be the main concern of this course as it helps students develop a theology of work and calling from a missional perspective.

Interculturally focused

With the intermingling of cultures and faiths in the multi-religious communities in a globalized society, our work and personal vocation has to be seen from a Christian theological perspective to provide a holistic, just, and ethical framework of work and vocation in life while open to learning from other cultures.

Practically minded

In a stressful context of consumerism and burn out, students will learn practical ways to work in such a way that is holistic and a live with the aim of being a beacon of light in the darkness around them. The course will help strike a balance between life, work, and faith.

Experientially transformed

The course will help gain biblical and theological insights for living and working and in understanding one’s personal vocation in life as an individual on God’s mission on earth.