THE3100EN - Ecotheology and the Missio Dei

Course description

The Missio Dei is the work of God in the world. In this course, students will develop a theological framework for understanding God and his work in the world through an ecological perspective, demonstrating an understanding of the divine purpose for creation.

How this course benefits students

In order to understand the full scope of God's work in the world including how the non-human creation will be redeemed, students need to develop a biblical and systematic theology of creation from its origins to eschatology.

Why this course is important

The Missio Dei is usually broader than our own missional concerns. Such a course is needed to expand our horizons.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Environmental Theology
Educational level
Learning type
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Dr. Mick Pope, Professor of Environmental Mission

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course will develop an ecotheology and understand of God's full mission in the world from a biblical perspective.

Missionally driven

Students will learn to understand the mission of God to ultimately include all of reality, and how this shapes the mission of the church.

Contextually informed

This course will allows students to contextualise mission for any setting as it casts mission in terms of God's concern for all of creation.

Interculturally focused

Students will learn to contextualise God's all encompassing mission to creation locally.

Practically minded

Students will be prepared to engage in mission in a holistic fashion.

Experientially transformed

Students will be forced to reconsider the scope of mission.