SWK4140EN - Social Work Practice with Children & Families

Course description

This course expand on the content of generalist practice and integrate those theories, methods and skills as they apply to working with children and families. The basis of the course is social work values and the ethical decision-making process, as described by the NASW Code of Ethics and a spiritual foundation. This course will also examine from a variety of theoretical frameworks the factors, associated with a child focused, family-centered strengths approach. Prevention, practice, policy and research issues will be critically assessed. Issues such as child maltreatment will be examined within its relationship to other social welfare problems. The role of the legal system will be explored as well. Controversial issues in child welfare will be discussed within the framework of the values of the social work profession.

How this course benefits students

By the end of the course students will: 1) Demonstrate a generalist knowledge of the relationship between theory and social work practice as it relates to the strengths capacities and resources of children and families; 2) Develop tools and techniques for understanding, affirming, and respecting people from diverse backgrounds, including (but not limited to) groups distinguished by race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical or mental ability, age, and national origin; 3) Identify the physical, intellectual, psychosocial and moral development of children; 4) Demonstrate an understanding of the pursuit of social and economic justice including strategies to combat discrimination, oppression, and economic deprivation for children and families; Demonstrate a knowledge base of social work values and the ethical decision making process, as illuminated by the NASW Code of Ethics.

Why this course is important

This course will develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for working with children and families in a contemporary society. Students will be provided with assignments and learning experiences, which will foster the development of important core competencies in developing social work into a ministry.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Social Work
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