SWK2100EN - Spiritual Care in Social Work Practice

Course description

Provides an overview of a range of social problems and society's response to them through the social service delivery system and through Christian organizations. The problems and services described include: child abuse and neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, aging, mental health and illness, and corrections. Within this context, various career options and professional roles will be described, including that of social work. The course will provide readings related to Christianity and Social Work. The course will teach students how to provide clients with spiritual care along with meeting The physical and psychological needs of their clients.

How this course benefits students

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1). Identify and describe the various roles and responsibilities of social workers; 2). Recognize social and cultural diversity issues in generalist social work practice; 3). Identify the impact of inequality on at-risk and oppressed populations; 4). Begin to recognize how personal values relate to and influence one's practice as a social worker, according to NASW Code of Ethics; 5). Identify major historical events and people that have influenced the social work profession and social welfare; 6). Describe the knowledge base and skills required for generalist social work practice; 7). Describe the variety of social work settings and fields of practice; 8). Describe the concepts and promotion of social and economic justice as related to vulnerable societal groups; 9). Provide readings on the background of Christianity and its impact on Social Work; 10). Students will know if this is an occupation that they would want to pursue. Students could use this knowledge while working in a ministerial setting to help them to meet the need of those in their church who are disenfranchised. Students will know from this course if they want to make social work a career/ministry.

Why this course is important

This course gives a background to the profession/ministry of social work. It looks at social work as a calling

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Social Work
Educational level
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Dr. Abiola Olagbami, Professor of Christian Social Work