MWS3320EN - Leading the Modern Worship Choir

Course description

A study of the current trends and issues in the leading the modern choir. Emphasis will be placed on the relationship between the choir director and the choir. We will also consider the relationship between the choir director, pastor, instrumentalists, and the congregation.

How this course benefits students

Students will be able to compare the biblical examples of the choir with the emergence of the 21st-century choir. Students will evaluate the historical role of worship choirs in the Christian church history. Students will discover ways to allow the worship choir to help bridge cultural gaps through music in their church and community context. Finally, students will understand the role of honoring copyright laws in the music performance and selection process.

Why this course is important

This is an undergraduate course that allows students to demonstrated an understanding of the role of the choir leader, which should include teaching, training, and the promotion of the local church. Students will learn how to prepare and present a worship choir that displays skills that reflect devotion to God, commitment to private worship by their display of public worship and the display of biblical truths.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Music & Worship Studies
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Dr. Gary Holley, Professor of Music & Worship