MFA4500EN - Military and Veteran Disability Evaluations

Course description

The US Military and Veterans Administration each have their own process of disability evaluations. These processes are independent of each other and may not be in agreement. An overview of these systems will be explored.

How this course benefits students

Unless students have gone through a disability evaluation with the military or Veterans Affairs, they will find the process foreign and somewhat obscure. This course will help to demystify the process so that students may better understand and assist military members and veterans.

Why this course is important

Many millitary members and veterans have wounds, visible and invisible. Disability evaluations are the basis for determining disability payments and future medical benefits. Many of them need assistance.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Military Family Advocacy
Educational level
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Dr. Glori Sommerer, LPC, Professor of Military & Veteran Health

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

A constant theme in the Bible is to give honor to those whom it is due. Military veterans who have been impacted by their service and impaired for the rest of their lives are due appropriate honor from their country. One way to honor veterans is to compensate them for their disabilities.

Missionally driven

Many military members and veterans are frustrated witih medical issues they have due to military service and do not seem to find resolution. In many cases, they have a great need for outreach and community.

Contextually informed

This is a unique ministry context and often not easy to reach. This course helps provide an understanding to help reach them.

Interculturally focused

People of many cultures are veterans.

Practically minded

Without understanding the materials in the course, helping veterans with disability issues would be extremely difficult.

Experientially transformed

Students will interview military members who have been involved with the disability systems.