ITM2300EN - Web Design for Everyday Life

Course description

This course is intended as a practical study of the web design and development. Students will learn the history of the internet, the world-wide web and web technologies. Topics include html, cascading style sheets, content management systems, responsive web design, accessibility and other emerging web technologies. By completion, students will have developed a working website as a service learning project.

How this course benefits students

Web design and development continues to be a relevant skill and opens the door to many career opportunities. There are many opportunities for ministry and service learning in this area of technology.

Why this course is important

It is necessary for students to learn the many opportunities for ministry and careers in web technologies.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Information Technology Management
Educational level
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

There is a need for biblically-educated professionals to develop websites in order to spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Missionally driven

There is opportunity for service learning, community awareness, assistance to churches and ministry growth in this emerging area.

Contextually informed

Web Designers and developers have the opportunity to provide missional outreach throughout the world.

Interculturally focused

Web development career opportunities exist and by nature, this field is diverse. There are no boundaries on the world wide web.

Practically minded

This course will provide a hands-on approach to learning, with practical research, cases and projects.

Experientially transformed

Students will research the latest web trends and develop a fully working website at completion.