HSP3100EN - Intro to Palliative Care Concepts

Course description

With the rise of chronic illness, increased life expectancy, and complex medical technology, palliative care offers quality of life to those facing life ending or life limiting illness. In this course, students will read, discuss, and engage the basic concepts of palliative care. Students will explore the history of medicine, the rise of medical technology, and the complex challenges facing patients in today’s healthcare system. This course prepares students who wish to go further in the care of those facing serious illness.

How this course benefits students

Students committed to meeting body, soul, and spirit needs of people with chronic and critical illnesses must have a basic understanding of the palliative care philosphy, it's place in the healthcare system, and its benefits to society. This course is also an important launching point for those who will pursue advanced study around the needs of critically and terminally persons.

Why this course is important

As we age and as medical technology advances, the question of what we can do to extend life must be balances with what it means to have quality of life. Palliative care helps people consider what matters most to them in these critical times. Followers of Jesus Christ who place themselves in the lives of people going through these challenges will find themselves making a significant contribution in the name of Jesus Christ.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Hospice & Palliative Care
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Dr. Lenny Marshall, BCC, Professor of Hospice & Palliative Care

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

The Bible calls followers of Christ to live out a life of compassion and service to those in need. As the hands and feet of Christ, believers should develop concern for and skills around the care of the most vulnerable among us.

Missionally driven

The medical community has long ago lost its connection to faith and spirit. Missional minded followers of Christ seek to restore the holistic philosophy that links together body, soul, mind, and spirit, with the faith that such a restoration advances God's kingdom here on earth.

Contextually informed

The need for palliative care is burgeoning in the medical community. Palliative care has long recognized the importance of faith in the lives of those with serious illness. Ministry participation in palliative care brings the gospel of Christ to meet one of the most important needs of our time.

Interculturally focused

Palliative care is unconditional in who it serves. Thus, followers of Christ engaged in serving the seriously ill will help intersect matters of faith with a broad range of people and culture.

Practically minded

Palliative care serves people at the time of their greatest need. Students who complete this course will have developed a practical set of skills and a realistic vision for making a difference in the lives of others.

Experientially transformed

Students will engage their own experience as well as engage in conversations beyond the classroom about palliative care and its place in our society.