GRN3400EN - Health and Aging

Course description

An overview of issues related to health and aging. It will expose students to the study of aging, its implications for individuals, families, and society, and the background for health policy related to older persons. Students will develop an understanding of the aging process and successful aging.

How this course benefits students

Health and Aging is a course designed to provide students with a general background in aging and challenges and strengths of older adults. The content of this course is relevant to students who plan to work with older persons, to research in the field of aging and to students who wants to better understand the aging process of their aging family members.

Why this course is important

Older adults are the fastest growing demographic group in our nation today and they are also among the fastest growing group in the world. Health care professionals will have older clients in many settings as they graduate and go into the workforce. Therefore it is important to expose students to the perspectives and approaches for healthy aging. This course is intended to provide a general overview of the special needs and concerns of people as they age. It will introduce students to a range of health issues that older persons, their health providers, and society will face in the next decade. Course materials will include the demographics and biology of aging, an understanding of the basic health and mental health, and policy decisions that state and federal government will need to solve related to these issues. Physical, mental, social, emotional, financial, and spiritual aspects of aging will be examined.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
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Dr. Olivia Owusu-Boakyewaah, Professor of Social Ministry

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course will be focus on a biblical worldview. It will focus on Ecclesiastes 12. That scripture teachers us to remembers those who assist us during the age of our youth and those who helped us along our path to adulthood.

Missionally driven

This course will direct students to work within the aging population. This will impact the knowledge about aging, its perception and ability to understand the aging processes to students. Students can then impact their biblical knowledge to the aging population.

Contextually informed

The growing need of geriatric population shows the necessity for understanding the elderly. The content of this course will tackle health related issues that the older populations and the course will describe the mechanisms for handling these issues.

Interculturally focused

A focus on Health and Aging is essential because it will enable both the student learner and the professor to understand some of the issues that affect the aging population and how students as future professionals can best serve vulnerable group.

Practically minded

This course will give student the basic knowledge needed to promote successful aging among older adults. It will promote the understanding of health and health issues concerning the elderly.

Experientially transformed

This course will also give students the opportunity to practice what they are learning as they begin the career and start working with the aging population or research concerning the aging population.