FTH3310EN - Art of Audio Production

Course description

This course focuses on the under appreciated art of Audio Production. We will detail the basic physics of audio and the biology of the ear. This helps us better understand how we can properly develop an audio production that meets the desired results from the intended audience. We will study the proper levels to achieve both in production recording and then playback in post-production. We will study waveforms in post-production and how to operate various audio editing platforms (i.e. Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro, etc..) in Post-Production.

How this course benefits students

Students will be served by obtaining practical knowledge and skill how to operate professional equipment in the most advantageous manner possible. Designing a proper audio track requires meticulously planning and foresight.

Why this course is important

Audio is an under appreciated art that is usually not noticed until something goes wrong. In media productions you can get away with bad cinematography/videography but bad audio will have an immediate and direct negative impact. Whatever your production was trying to sell will become diminished and less effective. We will show how to avoid these pitfalls by creating near flawless audio productions.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Film & Theatre Studies
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Romans 10:17 “…Faith comes from hearing the word of God…” In media production Audio is often considered an afterthought or not even noticeable. Yet audio stirs a distinct emotional response when properly utilized. Picture an altar call at the end of the message with the organ/piano/band softly plays to accompany the minister. Audio can make everything have a more dramatic impact. Conversely, it can also destroy key emotional moments if used improperly. We will show how audio can be used to uplift, inspire and accentuate all media productions for the Glory of spreading the Kingdom.

Missionally driven

Audio is a unique tool that enables producers to cross borders into foreign territories where the Word of God could be outlawed. It’s a vital tool that has been used to bring millions to Christ.

Contextually informed

We will study both local, regional, national and international audio broadcast strategies. We will examine what makes each successful and causes each to stumble. By learning about other successful audio production houses will allow us to properly build and strategize our own audio productions.

Interculturally focused

We will also study other cultures in their fields of audio to become aware of their needs, customs and tastes. We can use this knowledge to customize our audio productions if we want to enter those specific territories.

Practically minded

Knowledge of audio production can be used in multiple disciplines. From creating a stand alone audio production, to accentuating a piece of media to a live recording of a service/concert/event. It’s usefulness is varied.

Experientially transformed

At the end of the course students will leave with practical knowledge and skills how to incorporate audio production into their ministry and productions.