ELJ4200EN - Environmental Law and Policy

Course description

This course addresses proper and lawful stewardship of the environment for everyone. For example, while best available technology is available for the control of heavy metals; urban gardens, like those in Baltimore, Maryland, close to industry show that minorities and low-income groups are disproportionally affected by heavy metal contamination as opposed to urban gardens of non-minorities and high-income groups. Environmental law should protect these groups, but policies of racial discrimination leave the existing legislative protection wanting. This course explores other examples, like Baltimore, where policy has trumped the law.

How this course benefits students

This course benefits students by providing students with an awareness of shortcomings of the law where injustice has prevailed. The injustice is what motivates us to enter the field of advocacy to stand up for the neglected.

Why this course is important

This course is important because it enables the Environmental Justice Advocate to mission to minorities and low-income communities.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Environmental Law & Justice
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Luke 14:28 instructs us to plan ahead. The verb καθίσας means having sat down and exhorts Christian advocates to plan ahead which requires knowledge of the law and skill in applying or modifying it.

Missionally driven

Coming to the aid of environmentally afflicted communities through informed and skilled advocacy using the law adds permanence to the mission.

Contextually informed

This course informs students of the evolving career of Environmental Justice Advocate. The context is legal.

Interculturally focused

This course focuses on the law and its evolution for minorities and low-income groups communities. These communities are widely different in their cultures and advocates tailor make their legal support to these different cultures.

Practically minded

This course is practical because it applies evolving legal methods in order to minister to people and their respective communities.

Experientially transformed

The student is transformed experientially by all the above to become an Environmental Justice Advocate.