ELD3300EN - The Urban Youth Mission Leader

Course description

This course examines the leadership role in the mission to adolescents within an urban context. The goal of this course is to embed a transformative impact on adolescents, their family systems, social relationships, and community development. Participants explore the theories and practices of holistic urban adolescent development. They explore a holistic strategic development encompassing the convergence of urban social issues such as justice and law enforcement, multiculturalism, poverty, immigration, racial reconciliation, educational and employment inequalities, political, religious, social and cultural life. Successful mastery of the development of urban student leadership, the exegesis of the city context, conflict management, networking and synergy with existing churches, non-profits, NGOs, and social service organizations, assessing asset-based programs in the existing community while maintaining healthy balance as an urban youth worker are considered.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Emerging Leadership
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Dr. Kieran Kehlor, Professor of Urban Youth Ministries