ELD2300EN - Youth Mission for Everyday Life

Course description

This course engages academic learning and practical application. Forty-five percent of the student's learning takes place in a practical missional setting of a local church, non-profit or NGO, or a social service agency. The practicum fosters the integration of the academic material which covers eight main foundational elements of effective youth mission: (1) Generation Z, (2) Effective Discipleship and Spiritual Formation (3) Adolescent Communal Life, (4) Ecclesiastical & Administrative Relationships, (5) Adolescent Communication, (6) Strategic Parent and Family Faith Qualities, (7) Organization and Administration of Youth Mission, (8) Evangelization of Adolescents.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Emerging Leadership
Educational level
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Dr. Kieran Kehlor, Professor of Urban Youth Ministries