EDR4410EN - Dramatizing Text

Course description

Learn how to bring text to life. Working from written text, students gain tools to formulate creative productions that enhances understanding of the content. Learn how to creatively dramatize literary sources in such forms as Scripture, speech choir, readers’ theatre, ethnographies, poems, letters, narratives, and any other kind of written material.

How this course benefits students

Students gain practical tools for bringing the Scriptures to life through drama that greatly benefit, not only those who love drama, but also those who plan worship services. It also broadens the possibilities of script creation, allowing students to work with pre-written text rather than developing scripts out of nothing. Techniques in this course also allow for creative staging with minimal production needs.

Why this course is important

The reading of Scripture is a cornerstone of most worship services. Unfortunately, too often it is also one of the most dead, boring aspects of the Sunday morning as the reader stumbles over names or words, or reads monotonously through a long passage. The congregation’s mind wanders, or occupies itself in reading ahead in their own Bibles, to avoid the challenge of listening to a less-than-engaging rendition of the passage. Is this what we want? This course not only helps bring Scripture to life, but gives techniques to creatively stage any literary source.

Credit hours
3 hours
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Dr. Julisa Rowe, Senior Professor of Ethnodramatology

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

God is a God of creativity as seen throughout the Bible. Throughout Scripture we see the tremendous value God places in artistic and dramatic communication. Dramatizing Scripture as one of the main texts is foundational in this course as a means of bringing the Word of God to life, full of meaning to the listener.

Missionally driven

Encourages missional understanding and living through dramatizing texts that helps develop deeper understanding of the word of God and how to put it into practice.

Contextually informed

It is necessary to understand the culture and its artistic forms and languages in order to effectively contextualize the message of Christ when using drama as the tool of communication, whether it be your own context, or a cross-cultural one.

Interculturally focused

Drama is a wonderful way to explore different perspectives and relationships, and work through how to communicate in different environments and worldviews. This course encourages that dialogue across all the cultures that exist within the local church and communities through the writings that come from these cultures.

Practically minded

This course gives a practical framework for how to discover and create dramas from written text. Students are able to bring the skills learned into their spheres of work and ministry.

Experientially transformed

Drama, by nature and definition, is an experiential medium. Students learn by doing, creating performance from text.