EDR4100EN - Notation for Dramatic Performance

Course description

The course introduces a notation system for recording and analyzing theatrical performance in its many elements. Students gain experience in using a set of abstract symbols to describe such aspects of dramatic performance as movement, sound, light, space, props, makeup, and other elements. This gives a means of documentation and comparative analysis of dramatic performance across cultures.

How this course benefits students

It gives students a more complete understanding of music, both from a theoretical and historical perspective. It's a helpful visual aid in illustrating and solidifying musical concepts.

Why this course is important

Video and audio recordings are a helpful record of live performances, but being able to notate performance aspects of the performance increases the longevity of it, giving a complete script of movement, words, music, tone and so on, that can be used to mount performances the same way without having to start from scratch. More time can then be spent on interpretation. Where video is not possible, there is still a record of the performance.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
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Dr. Julisa Rowe, Senior Professor of Ethnodramatology

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Notating a performance is a form of language. We know God as the Word and without the Word, there is no language, no learning, no life. It is the way we describe our experience, articulate concept, record and retrieve information. We follow Biblical example in learning the languages of performance in order to record drama as a valuable cultural identity.

Missionally driven

Acquiring drama notation skills assist students as they seek to learn about and use drama in appropriate Christian settings to engage, encourage and empower.

Contextually informed

Learning notation skills for drama performances allows recording and analysis in a variety of cultures and settings.

Interculturally focused

Having the skill to notate drama performances allows recording and analysis to take place in a variety of cultures and settings. An ability to notate performance in any culture provides more opportunities to interact with others dramatically and across cultures.

Practically minded

All observations, analysis and reflections are to enable the student to notate drama.

Experientially transformed

Assignments are hands-on life experience, reflective in nature, collaborative as much as possible. By acquiring notation skills, students are able to apply those skills to many ministerial opportunities.