EDR3420EN - Drama in Discipleship and Worship

Course description

Drama is a powerful, yet underutilized tool. This course opens the student's eyes to the many types of drama that exist and how they can be used to communicate Christ more effectively in the instritutional church’s teaching and outreach. The heart attitude of the artist is explored, as well as how to start and maintain drama ministries among Christian believers. Planning for and using drama in worship and discipleship is covered.

How this course benefits students

This introductory survey course acquaints students with the large variety of drama forms that exist and how they can be used in teaching and discipleship. Students are able to articulate a theology of drama and its place in the institutional church, and understand the incredible value God places on artistic communication.

Why this course is important

In this age of entertainment and short attention spans, sermon and lecture is perhaps not the most effective way to make disciples – we learn by seeing and doing. Drama is an excellent means by which to get people putting feet to Scripture and their responses to God’s truth in daily life. Communication happens when there is involvement, and drama involves people in a deep way, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Credit hours
3 hours
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Dr. Julisa Rowe, Senior Professor of Ethnodramatology

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

God is a God of creativity as seen throughout the Bible. There are examples of drama being used as a message carrier for God. Throughout Scripture we see the tremendous value God places in artistic and dramatic communication.

Missionally driven

This course encourages the use of drama to bring the gospel of Christ at a deep core level, in a creative language that speaks to the heart of a culture.

Contextually informed

It is necessary to understand the culture and its artistic forms and languages in order to effectively contextualize the message of Christ when using drama as the tool of communication, whether it be your own context, or a cross-cultural one.

Interculturally focused

Drama is a wonderful way to explore different perspectives and relationships, and work through how to communicate in different environments and worldviews. This course encourages that dialogue across all the cultures that exist within the local church and communities.

Practically minded

This course gives a practical framework for how to discover and create dramas in the local church or community situation (home Bible studies, schools, etc). Students are able to bring the skills learned into these settings to increase learning and discipleship and enhance worship.

Experientially transformed

Drama, by nature and definition, is an experiential medium. Students are equipped to take the lessons learned from the course and apply them directly in their local church or missional assignments.