BIB4150EN - New Testament Contextualization

Course description

Various models of contextualization throughout the New Testament will be explored. The student will survey: Jesus’ engagement of his context and his relation to the powers, the Apostles’ various cross-cultural experiences in the book of Acts, and Paul’s contextualization with the Epistles.

How this course benefits students

Contextual theology is at the core of the missional imagination. This course will expose the students to various methods and resources to equip him or her to do contextual theology.

Why this course is important

The missional imagination must be formed from the Biblical Model. This course will establish the groundwork that, from the very moment Elizabeth conceived and Mary heard of her miraculous child, the mission of God was breaking boundaries and moving in the world. The story of Jesus and his disciples is a story of how the reign of God engages various contexts. We are called to carry on this mission.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Biblical Studies
Educational level
Learning type
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This is Biblical study, thus is thoroughly engaged in the Biblical witness.

Missionally driven

The New Testament texts will be examined through a missional lens, seeking models for missional work today.

Contextually informed

The contextualization found in the Biblical witness will be brought into conversation with the contemporary contextual issues.

Interculturally focused

The New Testament is a story of intercultural dialogue, thus will provide a robust stage for conversation.

Practically minded

This biblical study is pursued with a practical lens. The student will seek methodologies and a framework for practical ministry

Experientially transformed

This course is grounded in the lived experience of the local missional community.