BIB1110EN - Exploring the New Testament Missionally

Course description

An overview of the content and theology of the New Testament from a missional perspective, utilizing the methodology of missional hermeneutics. The purpose is to discern the missio Dei from the New Testament in order to better understand how the Church is meant to participate in it today. Students will engage the material through readings, lectures, reflective assignments, and discussion forums, and student learning will be assessed by listing, recognizing, and applying key principles from the course in quizzes and tests.

How this course benefits students

Students will gain a better understanding of the New Testament as a whole and specifically in its witness to the mission of God. This will equip students to recognize and participate in the mission of God in the world, providing them with the appropriate framework for such missionary endeavors as well as the crucial skillset of biblical interpretation for the sake of communicating the gospel in a faithful manner.

Why this course is important

Understanding the New Testament is crucial to being biblically literate Christians who are informed, from a biblical worldview, about how to do missions faithfully. Discerning the missio Dei from the New Testament is crucial towards that end.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Biblical Studies
Educational level
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Dr. Fergus J. King, Professor of New Testament Mission

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This class will be centrally concerned with the text of the New Testament, offering students a biblical framework for missiology.

Missionally driven

The New Testament will be studied from a missional perspective and will incorporate missional hermeneutics.

Contextually informed

Our study will be sensitive to the specific context that readers/hearers of scripture engage the text, and we will also consider how best to communicate scripture to people of various contexts.

Interculturally focused

The course will be attentive to the reading strategies and interpretive traditions of other cultures.

Practically minded

The goal of the course is that students will be able to utilize what they learn for the sake of their own personal development as a disciple, and for the purpose of applying it in various missional and cultural contexts.

Experientially transformed

As a component of this class we will incorporate theory into real-life experiences with various assignments that require translation into the real world.