Theological Studies Academic Council

Supporting Theological Competency Development

The Theological Studies Academic Council, consisting of department Chairpersons in the School of Theological Studies, plays a central role in advancing the school's mission within the university. Their regular meetings address crucial topics such as faculty recruitment, program development, project management, faculty course development, student support, and academic advisement. They guide faculty recruitment strategies, ensuring the selection of qualified individuals and the creation of job descriptions. Program development is prioritized, emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration and alignment with the school's and university's goals. The Council oversees project management, enhancing faculty course development, and faculty instruction. Collaboration extends to curriculum alignment and program outcomes, and they evaluate departmental goals. Their interactions with various university teams, including Human Resources and Academic Affairs, streamline processes and improve communication, ensuring excellence in theological education.


STS Academic Council

Meeting frequency
Meeting days
Every other Thursday
Meeting time
19:00 UTC (3 p.m. US/Eastern)
Meeting location
STS Academic Council