Graduate Certificate in Transforming Communities with a focus in Prison Ministry, Corrections & Restorative Justice

Serving incarcerated persons in the mission of God

Why Prison Ministry, Corrections & Restorative Justice?

The Graduate Certificate in Prison Ministry, Corrections & Restorative Justice provides lay volunteers and clergy persons involved in prison ministry relevant information and guidance to achieve core competencies necessary to lead a prison ministry, provide pastoral care to offenders and their families, share the gospel inside prisons and detention facilities, provide effective spiritual care of offenders, and develop the interpersonal awareness necessary for social interaction in correctional settings.

Statistics say that 80% of inmates return to prison after release. This has led many to believe that society is wasting time trying to rehabilitate incarcerated persons. However, what is truly needed is restorative justice - built on the biblical foundation of the regenerative power of the gospel to transform lives and break the cycle of sin, ignorance, rebellion, and foolish choices. The certificate program equips missional Christians to serve among incarcerated persons and joins with God in His redemptive mission.