Graduate Certificate in Creative Communication with a focus in Digital Media & Global Storytelling

Serving through storytelling across cultures in the mission of God

Why Digital Media & Global Storytelling?

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Media & Global Storytelling is designed for working professionals who desire to enhance their knowledge and skills in using media to tell compelling stories in intercultural and multicultural settings across the globe. The certificate program introduces the student to the international development of computer-mediated communication and the construction of meaning across cultures. From content creation and curation to visualization and digital deployment, students gain understanding and experience in using culturally-sensitive stories to communicate with and persuade audiences.

The scripture embodies the overarching story of God reaching out to redeem, reconcile, restore, and renew creation. As we join in that mission of God, our personal story, and the stories of the organizations we serve become a part of the metanarrative of God's work in the world. Missional University's Graduate Certificate in Digital Media & Global Storytelling grounds storytelling in the Biblical story to enable graduates to harness the power of story for the strategic benefit of faith-based organizations such as mission entities, nonprofits & NGOs, schools, churches, and church groups as they communicate to, from and within a variety of cultural settings across the globe.