Department of Organizational Leadership

Lifework Leading Mission

The Department of Organizational Leadership is grounded in Biblical principles of servant leadership and whole life stewardship. Our focus, therefore, is to prepare those whose call is primarily to lead, support, and manage missional organizations. Graduates of the Department of Organizational Leadership will be able to effectively lead those in missional organizations and cast vision to mobilize others in support of missional organizations and business as mission companies.  

Why Organizational Leadership?

The most fruitful missional endeavors are carried out by servant led, well organized, graciously resourced, and contextually aware teams and organizations. The challenge is not more organization and more money. The challenge is for men and women to answer the call to establish and lead biblically driven and spiritually fruitful organizations that God can bless with his resources.  The Department of Organizational Leadership, therefore, is driven by the desire to prepare and train the kinds of leaders who will inspire confidence as they cast vision, mobilize people, and manage resources as God’s stewards.

Causes Supported