ITM5700EN - Ethical Decisions in Information Technology

Course description

What is your responsibility to the organization and others in relation to ethical behavior? Students will discuss and evaluate ethical concepts related to personal and organizational decision making in the use of information systems in faith-based organizations. Students will examine ethical issues raised by current and evolving technologies and analyze risk and decision options. Student will complete case studies related to ethical situations and the desired outcome. Students will also evaluate the impact of unethical behavior in the workplace.

How this course benefits students

What are the benefits of making ethical decisions that are biblically based? This course will be a masters level evaluation of ethical decision making for the student. Impacts of ethical decision making related to technology and to the dynamics of Faith-based organizations will be covered. In addition, case studies will be evaluated and synthesized.

Why this course is important

This course allows students to utilize an ethical decision making framework through case studies examining real life situations.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Information Technology Management
Educational level
Learning type
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Ethical decisions with a biblical worldview will center around biblical principles in decision making while providing an evaluation of ethical decision making utilizing technology

Missionally driven

throughout the course we will evaluate and synthesize principles from Scripture that address various types of behavior and biblical responses.

Contextually informed

Ethical decisions with a biblical worldview will provide leaders the tools necessary to evaluate and recommend ethical behaviors inside and outside the workplace. Missional leaders will find this course beneficial because it will evaluate various ethical issues and ways to research and determine courses of action based on biblical teachings.

Interculturally focused

Ethical decisions with a biblical worldview is important in business and within one's personal life. Students will learn how to synthesize information and make ethical decisions by evaluating various ethical case studies. Students will learn how to evaluate situations and behaviors and how their decisions will affect their businesses and ultimately society.

Practically minded

Ethical decisions with a biblical worldview allows students to evaluate ethical dilemmas in various cultures and religions. Students will discuss and examine various issues and how ethical decision making can have different impacts depending on geographical and cultural locale based in biblical teachings.

Experientially transformed

Students can use their practical skills in applying a framework for ethical decision making in both personal and business settings.