ARB5120EN - Elementary Arabic II

Course description

This course introduces students to the definition of Nahw (syntax; less common: grammar) and its relationship to other sciences of language.

  • Syntactic (grammatical) introductions: Speech and sentence, parts of speech and characteristics of each part, al-'i'rab inflection and al-Bina' structure, parsing cases and markers, types of parsing, Almabniyyat (phrasing) and Almu'rabat (wording), wording using sub-markers, indefiniteness and definiteness, types of definite articles.
  • The nominal sentence: subject and predicate, al-af'aal an-nasikha (case abrogating verbs): kana (to be) and akhawatiha (its sisters: similar verbs), kada and akhawatiha , al-huruf an-nasikha (case abrogating particles): particles similar to the verb laisa (not to be), inna (emphatic particle: indeed) and akhawatiha, and la (pre-nominal negative particle: no; not).

The course also provides exercises and applications on these issues from Islamic literature.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Arabic Studies
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Dr. Philip Sumpter, Professor of Hebrew Language & Literature