Content Development

Facilitating online lesson development in the mission of God

The Content Development Unit oversees the Content Development Phase of the Course Development Process. This covers STEP 5 of Course Development where faculty "Plan Weekly Lessons" and involves laying out, in great detail, the chapter readings, articles, journals, video lectures, assignments, and assessments students will be required to complete each week.

The Content Development Unit assists with the selection, utilization, and implementation of appropriate media, types of activities, and delivery methods for the transfer and assessment of knowledge that is also fit for the academic level of the course and guided by Bloom's Taxonomy.

Faculty have the choice of planning Week 1 of their course and building it right away and then repeating that pattern for planning & building Weeks 2 - 8.
Or they could plan all 8 weeks in one sitting and then go build all 8 weeks, with the guidance of the LMS Production Unit.