Assessment Design

Measuring student's knowledge, skill, and competency

STEP 7 of the Course Development Process is the Assessment Design Phase when faculty devise different methods for assessing, evaluating, and measuring students' knowledge, skill, and competency in specific modules of the week, and the entire course.

The Assessment Design Unit (ADU) is at their disposal to help with planning appropriate competency-based assessments and engaging activities that help build mastery in students. The ADU also guides faculty to design assessments that are appropriate for the academic level of the course.

Multiple choice question drills might not be enough of a challenge or may not meet the stated weekly goal or possibly the course objectives. There are many different types of activities that can be used to assess knowledge, skill, and mastery so the ADU will provide the necessary guidance commensurate for quality online course design and best practice.

The ADU also provides guidance for setting up the Course Grade Book during STEP 9: Grade Book Setup. Using the Syllabus and Course Development Outline in tandem, grading categories, weights, and other relevant grading features are drawn upon to design an effective grading and feedback system for each course.