School of Creative Expression

Communicating Creatively

The faculty of the School of Creative Expression are academic practitioners who specialize in various aspects of communication. With broad experience among different cultural groups, in different types of communities, on multiple continents, this global faculty fosters artistic and technical skills that Christians utilize while serving in the mission of God. The School of Creative Expression (SCE) offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Organizational Structure of the School of Creative Expression

The School of Creative Expression is under the leadership of the Dean who reports to the Provost. Periodic reports are made directly to the University faculty & Provost, and through the University President, to the Board of Trustees. The faculty conducts its day-to-day business primarily through its division and department meetings.

Faculty of the School of Creative Expression

All faculty must subscribe to Missional University’s Mission, Vision & Core Values Statement, Statement of Faith, and Ethos Statement, as well as meet the academic and professional requirements of the field in which they are teaching. The Dean and/or the department chair interview(s) all candidates for faculty teaching positions. All teachers are evaluated for their instructional performance in each course. Additional information about the School of Creative Expression can be found on its website.