Graduate Certificate in Transforming Communities with a focus in Hospice & Palliative Studies

Providing support in the mission of God

Why Hospice & Palliative Studies?

The Graduate Certificate in Hospice & Palliative Studies offers community ministry practitioners, community health educators, congregational and faith community nurses, pastoral care providers, senior adult pastors, healthcare missionaries, healthcare chaplains, military chaplains, Christian social workers, and those involved in serving persons with terminal illnesses and their families the following capabilities:

  • ability to address pain and suffering through a biblically-informed perspective
  • ability to plan for and coordinate palliative care in order to offer a quality of life to those facing life-ending or life-limiting illness
  • competency in communications skills necessary for empathic engagement with the seriously ill and their families
  • ability to engage interprofessionally in interdisciplinary environments in order to understand the values of and meet the needs of persons facing serious illness
  • ability to lead conversations regarding the important elements of planning for the end of life while addressing the complex issues surrounding the end of life care
  • ability to be effective caregivers to those facing the end of life by understanding the physical and spiritual dimensions of dying
  • ability to minister to individuals, families, and communities who experience loss, death, and bereavement across the lifespan through their unique grieving processes

Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with a life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial, and spiritual. As disease and disability progress, hospice gives supportive care to people in the final phase of a terminal illness and focus on comfort and quality of life, rather than cure. The Graduate Certificate in Hospice & Palliative Studies provides training in biblical perspectives of pain, suffering, and death and equips students to serve individuals and families by facilitating life care planning and providing spiritual caregiving to those facing end of life and to family members and others who experience loss, death and bereavement.