Graduate Certificate in Creative Communication with a focus in Ethnodramatic Scriptwriting & Ethnotheatre

Dramatizing data in the mission of God

Why Ethnodramatic Scriptwriting & Ethnotheatre?

The Graduate Certificate in Ethnodramatic Scriptwriting & Ethnotheatre equips students to transform and adapt ethnographic research data (e.g., interview transcripts, participant observation field notes, journals, documents, and statistics) into a dramatic script that can be performed on stage or screen.  Through ethnodramatic scriptwriting, students learn how to create dramas based upon real-life situations in a global society. The process enables students to uniquely serve in faith-based organizations by transforming the experiences of their staff and constituents into scripts that can demonstrate the organization's ethos and effectiveness.

In today's world, faith-based organizations need storytellers who can transform recordings of events and user stories into dramatic content that can inform, inspire, and persuade others. The Graduate Certificate in Ethnodramatic Scriptwriting & Ethnotheatre teaches students how to take the everyday experiences of those around them and dramatize that data effectively.

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