Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Studies with a focus in Applied Geospatial Analysis

Why Applied Geospatial Analysis?

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Geospatial Analysis offers a unique educational experience that equips GIS students to use technologies that support the processes of analyzing and visualizing geospatial data.

Urbanization, environmental crises, migration, the spread of disease, unreached people groups, underserved communities, identifying potential church plant sites, and church relocation are all examples of complex problems where location plays an essential role. Our ability to measure, model, analyze and visualize these complex phenomena is key in understanding them and solving the problems. Geoinformatics represents the real world by digital models. The models enable analysis, planning, simulation, and communication for decision-makers on dynamic processes from local to global levels. The analytical models become the basis for developing effective mission strategies in the 21st century. Today church groups, mission agencies, non-profits, and NGOs all use location data to support their decision processes. This Graduate Certificate builds upon a Bachelor level GIS degree and provides opportunities to apply essential skills and knowledge to many types of missional applications.