Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies with a focus in African Theology in Context

Serving among Africans in the mission of God

Why African Theology in Context?

The Graduate Certificate in African Theology in Context challenges students to examine various approaches to African Theology in light of the 21st century political and cultural context on the continent.  Approaches to various theological themes including Christology and the Kingdom of God are critiqued in light of a biblical and missional hermeneutic. Students assess the African cultural context and evaluate ways in which African theology addresses those issues in a post-colonial era and evaluate the significance of African theologies for service in the mission of God among Africans both on the continent and among the African diaspora.

A critical concern for most students is an unawareness of the situational contexts which largely shape and inform the theological presuppositions, spiritual formation, and missional practice of Christian believers in cultural contexts that are dissimilar to their own. The Graduate Certificate in African Theology in Context leads students to recognize, study, and evaluate the theological perspectives of African Christianity and prepares them for missional service among Africans.

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