Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies with a focus in New Testament Greek Language & Exegesis

Studying the scriptures in the mission of God

Why New Testament Greek Language & Exegesis?

The Graduate Certificate in New Testament Greek Language & Exegesis moves from an introduction to Koine Greek to study in grammar, syntax, and vocabulary to grammatical translation, exegesis, and interpretative precision. The program is equivalent to four semesters of Greek study at a Bible college or seminary. Certificate graduates will be able to do exegesis from the Greek New Testament, utilize secondary sources, be conversant with exegetical tools, and interpret the scriptures from a missional perspective.

The student who lives missionally in the world must be biblically grounded. A biblical foundation is established by encountering and engaging the biblical text on its terms. This underscores the need to understand approaches to reading and studying Scripture, its languages, its genres, and its message of redemption. Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in New Testament Greek Language & Exegesis will have mastery of Koine Greek grammar and vocabulary, develop competence in reading and translating selected New Testament texts, and develop skills in analyzing and exegeting the Greek New Testament.