Department of Urban Mission

Lifework in the City

The Department of Urban Mission builds on the biblical and theological foundation of the missio Dei as seen especially to the peoples, contexts, and cultures in the cities of the world. Graduates will learn to develop practical missional ministries based on a theology of the city, an understanding of global urban culture, and an appreciation for the youth, the diversity, the worldviews, and the specific challenges found in global urban areas.  

Why Urban Mission? 

The Great Commission to make disciples of all nations is the Lord’s undeniable command. That the world’s population is increasingly more urban is an undeniable fact. The Department of Urban Mission is driven by those facts to train urban evangelists, youth leaders, church planters, and missional strategists who love their cities to develop and implement Biblically faithful and practically fruitful strategies that will transform lives and communities.

The Department of Urban Mission leads students to explore, analyze, and evaluate their own contexts, philosophies, and assumptions and the urban contexts where God may be calling them to live and work missionally. Consequently, graduates are able to lead out and participate in urban mission that is biblically faithful, theologically driven, and contextually informed.

Causes Supported

Course Subject Areas