Department of Epidemiology & Infectious Disease

Creation Care and Health Conditions

The Department of Epidemiology & Infectious Disease emerges out of a clear biblical understanding of the mission of God among people with disease and health issues. Jesus’s calling to proclaim the good news of the kingdom and heal every disease and sickness stems from a holistic perspective of the relationship between spiritual and social issues. Missional students learn how to imitate Christ by combining healthcare and soulcare in their service in the mission of God in the world.

Why Study Epidemiology & Infectious Diseases?

The department participates in the mission of God in the world through care for humanity in various cultural settings across the globe. The international faculty in this department are driven by global health needs that require integrated spiritual and healthcare solutions in order to transform lives and communities. The department's curriculum leads students to explore, analyze, and evaluate infectious disease in global contexts where God may be calling them to live and work missionally. Consequently, graduates are able to lead in tracking the spread of disease and evaluate the effectiveness of systemic and treatment approaches worldwide.

Causes Supported